Sample Kids Cooking Party Invitation
Sample invite
Recipe for Sue's 5th Birthday Party

To make reservations please call:
Head Chef ~ Sarah Smiht at 215-555-2222
no later than Monday, June 5th

Directions are available upon request to the Head Chef
1 cup of friendship                          2 cups of fun
1 tbsp of happiness                          1 set of clothes that can get messy
2 tsp of imagination                        3/4 cup of a good appetite
1 cup laughter                               5 Birthday Candles

Directions for a fun party:
On June 11, 2006 place child into 1 set of clothes that can get messy.  Mix
together the rest of the party ingredients.  At 12:00 PM put child in the oven
at 1309 Creek Drive, Harleysville (Sue's Kitchen).  Cook for approximately 2
hours.  Child should be well done by 2:00 PM.